Origami Echo T-Shirt


Size Guide

Discover the allure of exclusivity with "Origami Echo", a celebration of elegance, tradition, and transformative journeys. Limited to just 500 pieces, this exclusive design merges the simplistic beauty of our iconic origami crane with intricate, realistic embroidery, symbolizing hope, renewal, and personal growth.

Key Highlights:

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Impeccable stitches bring the graceful crane to life, symbolizing resilience and elegance.
  • Symbol of Serenity: Echoing our commitment to personal growth and recovery, each piece is a testament to the wearer's journey.
  • Premium Quality: Crafted with the finest materials, "Origami Echo" transcends apparel, becoming a wearable piece of art.
  • Exclusive Offering: Only 500 pieces available, making it a coveted addition to any wardrobe.
  • Signature Detail: Each sweatshirt is distinguished by our iconic brand logo, embroidered on the sleeve in the primary color of the sweatshirt's embroidery, marking our signature touch.

Embrace your journey with the "Origami Echo." Limited in availability, unlimited in inspiration – own a piece of ODAAT Apparel's legacy and be part of an exclusive circle.

Product Details

Model is 5'5"/165cm - Wearing Size X-Large

Stitch Size: 2.09" x 5.94"
Stitch Count: 23,178

- Made in Portugal
- Embroidered & Printed in the USA

- 100% Organic Cotton

- Regular Fit

- Unisex

- Pre-shrunk

- 240GSM
- 7.8oz

- 470GSM
- 23oz
- Heavyweight French Terry
- Double Stitched shoulders

*This product is made entirely of organic cotton, grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs. This method of cultivation requires half as much water as conventional cotton and respects ecosystems and biodiversity.


To keep your embroidered apparel looking its best, follow these guidelines:

Machine Washing: Always wash according to the instructions on the care label. Use mild detergents as they are gentler on the fabric and embroidery. Avoid using chlorine or optical brighteners; although they won't discolor your garment, they can affect the quality of the yarn fibers.

Hand Washing: If washing by hand, use plenty of water to allow the garment to move freely, ensuring thorough cleaning without damaging the embroidery.

First Wash Precautions: Special attention is needed for embroidered items during their first wash. Ensure that the embroidery is completely rinsed out before wringing or spin-drying.

Post-Wash Care: Avoid leaving your embroidered clothing in a damp or wet pile. After washing, remove promptly and air dry or tumble dry as per the care label instructions. While tumble drying at a low temperature is permissible, we recommend hang drying for optimal care and to maintain the garment's integrity.

Adhering to these care tips will help maintain the beauty and longevity of your embroidered apparel.