Launching ODAAT Apparel placed us at a strategic crossroads, surrounded by conventional wisdom and well-intentioned advice. In the face of startup norms, we quickly realized that the typical routes did not align with our business ethos or long-term vision. Our journey has been characterized by deliberate choices, prioritizing quality, sustainability, and brand integrity over easier, more conventional paths. This blog post explores the critical decisions that have defined ODAAT Apparel, illustrating our commitment to a business model that values authenticity and excellence.

Evaluating Print on Demand

The print on demand (POD) model was one of the first pieces of advice we encountered. It promised low overhead and reduced risk, an attractive proposition for any startup. However, our exploration into POD revealed a significant compromise on product quality—a non-negotiable aspect for our brand. We determined that to build a legacy of durability and excellence, direct involvement in production was essential. This decision was foundational, setting the stage for a brand built on quality and direct customer connection.

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In-House Embroidery: A Commitment to Quality

Outsourcing embroidery was another recommended shortcut we chose to bypass. After several unsatisfactory experiences with external providers, it became clear that to maintain the high-quality standards we set for our products, we needed to bring this skill in-house. The investment in equipment and the time dedicated to mastering embroidery techniques were significant, but the ability to directly control the quality of our designs justified the effort and expense. This decision not only enhanced our product quality but also enriched our brand's story with genuine craftsmanship.


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Prioritizing Supplier Quality Over Cost

The advice to minimize costs by choosing the cheapest suppliers was contrary to our brand's values. ODAAT Apparel's foundation is built on the principle of quality over quantity. We sought out and partnered with suppliers known for their premium, 100% organic materials, even if it meant navigating tighter profit margins. This approach has allowed us to produce garments that not only stand the test of time but also reflect our commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices.

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Choosing the path less traveled by in the apparel industry has not been the easiest route, but it has been the most rewarding for ODAAT Apparel. These strategic decisions—to reject print on demand, bring embroidery in-house, and prioritize high-quality, sustainable suppliers—have significantly shaped our brand's identity and market position. Our journey underscores the importance of aligning business practices with core values, proving that success follows brands dedicated to authenticity and quality.


The quality of materials and workmanship are second to none. I literally can not wear any of my ODAAT garments without somebody asking me where l found it and how can they get their hands on one! I show them how to get to the ODAAT website.

— Bob