Our Story

ODAAT Apparel's origin story began in 2020 when our founder and his wife, Jeremy and Tera, moved to Japan and embarked on a life-alternating new chapter.  Japan became their home when the world grew still, emptied of normalcy and noise from the ripples of a pandemic.  Jeremy's experience living in a foreign country, removed from any familiar comforts, ultimately opened his eyes to his fragile relationship to alcohol.  Japan was profoundly impacting in many ways, but most significantly, it was the eye-opening starting point for our founder's beginning steps in sobriety.  However, his path to recovery was not a smooth and steady upward climb; it was one with arduous peaks and valleys, setbacks and downfalls.  Jeremy eventually found his footing, one step at a time, and with his wife by his side as his partner, they triumphantly launched ODAAT Apparel on his one year sobriety milestone on July 27th, 2023.

Jeremy discovered a newfound purpose for his future and envisioned ODAAT Apparel as a beacon of encouragement for those who may need a tangible reminder of their own progress.  He recognized a lack of clothing brands that specifically catered to the needs of individuals walking the road of recovery, and he dreamed of revitalizing this void in the market.  Jeremy's background in business and design aided his leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship, and creating a brand that could positively impact others was a calling that he felt profoundly.

We hope ODAAT Apparel will be your steadfast companion, reminding you that you are not alone, and that every single day is a beautiful opportunity for healing, growth, and transformation.