ODAAT Medallion


Discover the Strength of 'One Day At A Time' on Your Sobriety and Recovery Journey with The ODAAT Medallion in Black Nickel.

The ODAAT Medallion embodies the essence of commitment to a life of sobriety and fulfillment. Crafted to accompany you daily as part of your Everyday Carry (EDC), this medallion serves as a steadfast reminder of your dedication to maintaining a sober lifestyle.


  • Black Nickel finish exuding elegance and durability
  • Diameter of 1.75", designed for portability and visibility

The ODAAT Medallion is more than a token; it's a symbol of unwavering commitment and resilience. Its sleek Black Nickel design, measuring 1.75" in diameter, offers both durability and a subtle yet significant presence in your everyday life.

Carry the ODAAT Medallion with pride, allowing it to stand as a testament to your dedication on the journey of sobriety and recovery. Let it be a constant source of strength and motivation as you navigate life 'One Day At A Time.'