Thousandfold T-Shirt


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Introducing "Thousandfold" – a bold exploration of limits and excesses through the lens of numeric symbolism. This impactful design prominently features '10^3' on the front, symbolizing the paradox of plenty where sometimes, even a thousand feels insufficient, and one is too much to manage. The back is adorned with "NEVER ENOUGH" encircled in a dynamic, infinite loop, representing the endless pursuit of balance in life's ambitions and challenges.

Key Highlights:

  • Profound Symbolism: The '10^3' on the front transcends simple numeric value, embodying the complexities of excess and the finesse required to find equilibrium.
  • Expressive Message: "NEVER ENOUGH" on the back in a circular motif emphasizes the continuous, often Sisyphean effort required to satisfy personal and societal expectations.
  • Elegant Craftsmanship: Constructed from superior materials, "Thousandfold" is designed not just for durability but also as a statement piece that sparks conversation and reflection.
  • Versatile and Meaningful: Perfect for those who appreciate a deeper narrative behind their style, this shirt does not just speak of personal struggles but also of the universal quest for meaning in plenty and scarcity.

Embrace the narrative of infinite aspirations with "Thousandfold." This design doesn’t just make a statement—it invites reflection on the ever-present balance between too much and never enough, making it a profound addition to any wardrobe.

Product Details

- Made in Portugal
- Printed in the USA

- 100% Organic Cotton

- Regular Fit

- Unisex

- Pre-shrunk

- 240GSM
- 7.8oz

*This product is made entirely of organic cotton, grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs. This method of cultivation requires half as much water as conventional cotton and respects ecosystems and biodiversity.


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